“Guy is my go-to guy" - Kidkanevil

I’m a composer, producer and socially driven music maker.

I create bespoke music for video, film and t.v.

I play the drums, percussion and instruments with keys.

I am based out of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

And these are some of the clients I’ve worked with:

Google, Toyota, Land Rover, BBH, Wave Studios, Ninja Tune, Mercedes-Benz, Just Isn’t Music, Sentric, Wieden & Kennedy, Droga 5, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tonic Music Ltd, Flynn, Fallon, BBH, Cecilia, Pirelli, Nationwide, The Royal Philharmonic, BBC, Pitch & Sync, CBeebies, Ecko Unltd, Spotify, Google, Pirelli, Nationwide, Knorr, Honda, BBC Worldwide, British Fashion Council, Wave Studios, Brains and Hunch, Scopic, Eye Force, Red Bull, Caviar TV, Fairphone, Dechase, Football Beyond Borders, Blauwe Gras, 64Music.

“It was refreshing to get in the studio with someone who has a deep rooted sense of musical history and a propensity for wild experimentation. Producer, drummer, visionary… Guy Wood has it all!”

Onallee (Roni Size Reprazent, Full Cycle)

“Guy is an incredibly talented drummer and percussionist, who’s awesome to work with. He’s also a really great producer with a deep knowledge of music that spans a wide range of genres, this makes him super versatile.”

Chris James (Run Rivers, Stateless, Just Isn’t Music, Ninja Tune)

“Guy Wampa Wood has a compassionate spirit, a musical heart, an agile open mind, and a contagious sense of humor. Everything else follows from that.”

Dick Rijken (Director, STEIM)

“Guy is my go to guy when it comes to live drums, he can handle anything you throw at him and brings a rare depth, skill and musicality – always kills it! great dude too!”

Kidkanevil (Project Mooncircle, First Word Records)